About Us


Look good, Feel good, Do Good, Be Good


“When I think about my absolute favorite memories in this life, I remember what I was wearing and what I was listening to. My dream has always been to help others create those experiences and find their perfect ensemble for life’s biggest moments. We know that when you look good, you feel good.” -Morgan Miller Throop


In the fall of 2016, The Indigo Child opened its doors in Athens, Georgia. Founder and hippie boss, Morgan Miller Throop, found herself in love and inspired by The Classic City and everything it offered. Amazing food, killer jams and southern hospitality made perfect sense for this fashionista looking for her next show. Morgan’s passion for music and clothes were her inspiration in making her dream come alive. The Indigo Child was created to give all of you beautiful babes the opportunity to love yourself, embrace your funky side, and rock confidence.