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Do Good, Be Good.

Do Good, Be Good.


My mama raised our family on showing compassion and love to all, no matter who it was. Her personal mantra is to "Give unconditionally and spread love everywhere you go. Be kind. Do good. Be Good." My mission is to make her proud by always being thankful, cultivating kindness, and spreading mad love. 

A super talented friend of mine, Emily Forro, an art and photography major at UGA, is helping us do just that. She was inspired by the many different stories and personalities of the local homeless community. Through conversation and friendship, Emily was able to capture their stories through a series of photos. 

Help The Indigo Child support the Athen’s homeless population by purchasing one of our rad tee’s featuring Emily's powerful photos.

Always remember to look good, feel good, do good, be good.

With all my love,

The Indigo Child